My typical day is filled with inspiration from a variety of experiences. Most of the time the ones that eventually make it to canvas are from deep thinking, obsessing on energies, emotions and feelings or long walks in nature. I’ve always worked on a rather large scale and it was suggested to me to try something a little smaller. If I were to consider this, how would I fit years of thought, emotions, energy and exploration from my own experiences onto such a small canvas?


I’m usually up for a good challenge of the mind so if I agree to take on this task I would seek a new source of inspiration. My search begins....on the internet. A beautiful woman walking up a field of overgrown grass with this vast sky behind her. The sun shining - saying "the sky's the limit".


And so the inspiration was found and the energy released into this smaller body of work. The painting is textural, dimensional and for such little actual content has a lot going on. For me it’s the opportunity to imagine.....imagine the thoughts that

are “Worth Smiling About”.