The founding idea of this presentation of artwork was to invite artists to “PUSH” themselves and being accepted into the show solely on the idea: “What are you going to do to step outside of your current comfort zone?”

With this in mind I set out to invite a person with no artistic training or academic background in the arts to commence a painting for me. I would dictate the subject matter and provide whatever he/she needed in terms of photo references or answers to questions on how to handle the materials. My only request was that he/she finish the painting to the best of his/her abilities. Hand me a painting and call it “done”. I would go into their painting and add my energy all the while attempting to keep his/her feeling of passion and mark making alive and not totally covering it up. I needed to look at the finished piece and feel the participants’ piece beneath and within.


I asked my brother, Jeremiah if he would like to join me in my journey. He accepted without hesitation or visible uncertainty. I could praise him up and down for all the things he is, but to keep this short and to give you an idea of the challenge that lies ahead I will tell you he is a lawyer. He interprets words and language in a manner that are unfamiliar to me. I also believe he sees and processes images in a manner that my mind is not used to.  These were to become obstacles in hindsight and not something I conceived in advance. This was my challenge on “PUSHING” the boundaries as an artist and an individual.


The abridged interpretation of the final painting:


I wanted to explore how graffiti artists are able to do graffiti on the sides of extremely tall buildings. I looked online and the solutions offered seemed to be more in line with commissions or pieces that were granted permission. Not something that would appear overnight. That was the question I sought to answer. The only viable solution I could conjure is simply they are suspended by a power greater than you or I. They have the ability to call upon the marionette spirits in the sky and are suspended by dangling “cables” controlled by a hand that you and I are unable to see. And so if they get to have imaginary means of spray painting tall buildings in a single bound then I shall have them paint a young girl on a swing. Something that would never happen on or even near the side of a building.


When Jeremiah gave me his finished painting I immediately began searching for words of what I was going to do. I would place the painting on my easel and search for the words. And search for words. After a great deal of time searching it dawned on me I think in terms of images and rarely give thought to associated words. My mind struggles with transferring images into that of a form of language. This was my hang up. Recognizing this, I began explaining, in words, on the canvas, what it was that I thought the interference was between his physical painting and the energy of my thoughts. Similar to a stream of conscious writing I would write how He struggles to interpret the images in his mind. I struggle to interpret the language in my mind. Finding it interesting that the energies (The Etheric) of the world we live in are more often than not being interpreted, filtered and bridged to the physical. Swinging, back and forth……