I used to find such joy in watching my wife tie her shoes at the bottom of the stairs. Well, maybe not so much the act of her tying her shoes, but more so the response from Linus. Linus was our Bernese Mountain Dog of 5 years. He would just have to see her sit down and he jumped off his bed from the center of the room . And for anyone who is familiar with Bernese Mountain Dogs should know they don't really have a jump or for that matter the quickness that other dogs have, but most definitely give their entire hearts and efforts in all they do. He would gather all his enthusiasm, wag his tail and tromp over to my wife while his whole body moved side to side with excitement. He knew it was time to go walking. Everyday he and I would walk together, but weekends were special because "Mommy" would go with us.


This particular day we drove up to Raubsville, PA and parked along the Delaware Canal. There is an old mill in the parking lot with freshly fallen snow all around.