“ C’mon, one little ride ain’t gonna hurt “, Bernice says sitting on top of her car hood with the passenger door ajar.     





Truth is Bernice has taken me for more than one ride in our lifetime. She is my twin sister but acts like a twin brother. Bernice likes to tell people I’m her twin sister, so it’s only fair I return the favor by calling her brother. Strange, I know. Unfortunately, I’m a man whose parents’ let the twins run rampant & do what ever they pleased as children. I was a twin known for causing havoc & completing each day with a mishap or incident. Now, I’m a grown adult.













The problem is Bernice. She never stopped running rampant & I grew tired of always taking half the blame for her faults. So when she asked me to meet her at our childhood hideout I knew she had done something really bad.


“ Bernice, What have you done?” I demand approaching her.

I look deep into my sister’s eyes seeing a part of me within her stare. We remain silent for a moment; she perches on the hood of her car & I stand but a few feet away from the open passenger door. What could she have possibly done this time, what does she have to tell me?

“Bernice! Say something.” I bark.

“ C’mon, one little ride ain’t gonna hurt.”


~~R. Ryan Kline