I left home at 2AM. I drove for 2 hours through the dark humid summer night. Arrived in New York City and for the next 7 hours I stood in a line of like minded creative hopefuls. There was one difference between me and the others. I did not know it at the time, but I was searching for something I hadn’t been able to find for a long time. After much reflection I concluded it was the imposition of my childhood environment. At the risk of being aloof, awkward and talked about I had spent a lifetime focusing my energy in the fine art of suppressing and discounting emotions. Attempting to just fit in and not stand out as I would disregard my own needs. And so, here in New York, for the next 7 hours it had been what I have unknowingly trained to do best - be like minded. At the end of my New York interview I found myself driving home wondering WTF had just happened? WTF HAS been happening? New York Experience is but just a glimpse with its’ twisted emotions piled one on top of the other. Trees growing out of water flowing out of buildings. The image of my own reflection. All metaphors for what is inside of me searching to get out.