I still have 7 more weeks to go. I haven’t stopped for 2 years. I work. I eat. I sleep. The year is 2001 and I am in San Francisco. The closest member of my immediate family is about 3,000 miles away. Will I feel more alone tomorrow than I do today? I’m working as a stage hand for the Vans Warped Tour living out of a tour bus. There are 11 other guys who I just met a week ago also living in my bus. Here today, and the aftermath of 10,000 punk rock music fans tomorrow. I signed up for the money, not the lifestyle. For, I am on the last leg of a 2 year journey that has taken me on one heck of an emotional and financial roller coaster. (this is explained on my website in the “About Me” section).




The image of my brother and grandfather sat before me in a comforting concrete amphitheatre. I could visualize my brother placing his belongings on these steps. Stopping to take in the scenery, read a book, or write in his journal. My grandfather is a well tanned machine with an aurora that demands your attention. A true representation of two people I hold very dear to me coalesced into one being.


It is here I feel their sharing strengths; the love of two individuals with the power and perseverance of 10,000 punk rock fans. I would never have to feel alone again. Because of them and with them, we all BRING LIFE.