A few tidbits about Christopher Kline

It’s probably easier to tell you what I am not:

**A kung fu fighter

**A good housekeeper

The rest of the rumors are probably true. For more information about who I am or what it is I do go to: http://www.christopherkline.net and hit the “ABOUT” button. It’s a bit long so I didn’t want to intimidate anyone with too much reading on this page. In the “Gallery” sections you can read more about my ideas behind the paintings and what went into them.

Thank you!!

2 Responses to A few tidbits about Christopher Kline

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Chris,

    Okay, I am finally fully reading some of the posts and just wanted to tell you they are great! I really enjoy your writing and just had to tell you.
    Can’t wait for the first show. And what do you need for food????

    • Hey Nancy!
      Thanks for the positive feedback. I’ll talk to the boss and see what I am “allowed” to ask you to make for the shows since cinnamon rolls was apparently such an absurd thing to bring to an art opening.

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