Push. Pull. Print. – Ezra Hertzel

Ezra Hertzel ScreeenprintingIt’s fascinating to me how the mind functions. And to cut to the chase what I’m talking about is those times in our lives where things occur and we really don’t think twice about it, but they reenter at a later time. They are like clues as to what is to be. The other day I lay in bed about to open my eyes. I consciously said to myself it’s time to alter your current perception of the world by opening your eyes. What if I distracted my mind this morning by putting my hand in front of my eyes? Not completely covering them, but just enough so that one eye sees one image and the other sees the same object (my hand), but in a different perspective. How would my brain react? Would one eye be more dominate than the other? Is one side of the brain dominate over the other? And if so, why? I didn’t have the answer given to me just then, but I saw that light appeared to be the dominating factor. If a lot of light was dominate in one eye, then when both eyes were open that light seemed to dominate the visual impression in my mind. I got out of bed and proceeded with my day.
Later this same day the answer was given to me in a book I was reading: “Proust was a Neuroscientist” by Jonah Lehrer. I won’t go into the whys here, but I found the book to be pretty inspiring and fascinating. I was dumbfounded at how I woke up today of all days and decided to not just open my eyes onto the world. Test my brain a little. I was pleasantly surprised the answer was given to me this day.
Later the same day – getting ready for bed this time I was thinking of the Push. Pull. Print. project and how I have asked a group of 20 artists to participate in the event. It dawned on me that I had limited the invitation to the visual artist. One who creates a picture or object through painting or sculpture. Why did I not invite authors or other creative minds? How could I make this work? If they do not have a visual translation of their idea then how could we even begin to think about printing? I jotted down some ideas on how we might begin to tackle this dilemma….

The next morning I have a message that someone has expressed an interest in printing for the show, but has “the artistic talent of a pothole” (Jack Makinson Sanders), but he can write creatively. How could he be included in such a project? Again my mind was at work on something that someone else had been thinking of and here I am solving the problem before it existed on my physical senses.

Let’s introduce Ezra Hertzel. He was the artist we printed with a few weeks ago.  I think he was a premonition of events to come. And what I loved about working with Ezra is that he really had no existing “art”. It was more of a tool to achieve a work of art. He did spend time making the tool and I can appreciate the art in that. In screenprinting we build/make screens to print images. That is part of a process which results in the execution of a finished piece of art. It is part of the art. This is what Ezra had given us to work with, part of the art. The day he showed up to print he handed me about 6-8 wrinkled up pieces of metal. Cool.

What is this?

It’s what I’m printing on.

In my mind: How the &*%$ did you “wrinkle” this metal?

Nonetheless we did our best to unwrinkle his substrates and the printing went real smooth. We used a vinyl ink on the metal and they turned out really well.

Back to the premonition: I couldn’t wrap my mind around the metal. He shows up here in sweatpants and a hoodie on his head. We banged the metal around a little, got it straight, printed it and “bam” he was gone! The swiftness of a lightweight boxer this kid. Did he in fact get in a fight with the metal on his way over here? I dunno. I think it was all a ploy by my mind to warn me of the impending ninja that was about to enter my life. (the entry before this one-but it’s all a little clearer now) I’m looking forward to seeing the finished pieces at the show.

Visit the push. pull. print. show

June 3rd 7-10PM

The Gallery at Graphic Imaging

6310 Easton Road Pipersville, PA


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