Another new year

Been quite a bit of activity since the last Push Pull Print art show. As some of you know, Eric Fausnacht and I have teamed up and started a “pillow” company. Not just yer average pillow. While I’ve been knocking around a squeegee for the past 20+ years Eric has been developing his branding as a painter. In doing so he sees a lot of juried arts and craft shows. I started oil painting about 5 years ago and in doing so was looking for a way to get my paintings out to the public. I believed it was through the venue of galleries. Not so easy to just knock on the front door and say here’s my paintings I’ll be back in two weeks for the checks!

I decided instead to host my own art shows and become the gallery. Have the public and artists come to me. The idea would be “Push Pull Print”. Open to artists of all levels, just one catch – you had to screen print your art! More info. One of the shining stars was Eric. He would come in with idea after idea of what he could make. I was in it for the “art” so when he came to me and said he wanted to do pillows….I wasn’t quite sure what would happen. As it turns out though the two of us had way too much fun working together and in doing so we were able to transfer that fun to the images we print on pillows. It seems to be contagious. A lot of “fun” compliments are tossed our way.

This is just one of the things that has been keeping me busy. Check out the pillow line at: I’m looking forward to finishing up some paintings I started last Spring and maybe just maybe a new relationship with another gallery. Stay tuned and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

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