Push Pull Print III – Patricia A. Griffin

I’m borrowing a statement from Pattis’ website to get this kicked off:

One of my first memories of being recognized as an artist was in Mr. Snyder’s second grade class. I was six and had completed a pencil drawing of an alligator; my schoolmates crowded around the image ohhing and ahhing with excitement.

The second defining moment came in fourth grade. Sister Joanne, with her thick ankles hanging over her too-tight Oxford shoes, held me after school. She had “caught me” with a simple line drawing of a nude on my homework pad; I stood accused of perversion. My mother, who was called in to retrieve me and the sketch, commented with great praise on the image, and my ability.

These moments had a profound impact: I realized that my talent could be used to conjure emotion within the viewer. I was empowered.

I don’t have much that I can add to this that sums it up as well as Patti already has. I’ve only seen her oil paintings online and my head spins from the colors, shapes, lights vs. darks and the formula behind it all. Patti’s use of vague backgrounds places us right in the paintings themselves to feel the way her animals feel. Visit Patti online and welcome back for the third time to Push Pull Print III. I love screen printing with her. She’s fun, energetic, intelligent and inspiring to be around.


is coming to Doylestown, PA

October 13, 2012 From 1-5PM

Estetiks – 5 S. Main Street

The House of Coffee – 22 North Main Street

Vine and Fig Tree Bistro – 19 East Sate Street (2-5PM)
For more info please call me 215-249-3625 or visit the artist group on Facebook

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