Push Pull Print III – Sylwia Wiernek

Sylwia (pronounced Sylvia) in my opinion did a fantastic job. She’s a contemplater for sure and with not much time to get prepped for the show has really pulled something together that is both visually interesting and intellectually.

(This is just my take and may be totally off ) Sylwia comes off shy and I was surprised to see as one of her images a digitally filtered unclothed body part. I don’t want to give it all away. Leave it up to your imagination. I saw this as a push for Sylwia to step outside a true comfort zone by exposing a potential insecurity. She printed on linen. A soft, flowing fabric which could be construed as somewhat intimate. She presents her final print with a few layers of interesting paper, screen printed linen and a frame that offers you a peek, but a boundary by which is untouchable to feel the delicateness of subject and materials.


is coming to Doylestown, PA

October 13, 2012 From 1-5PM

Estetiks – 5 S. Main Street

The House of Coffee – 22 North Main Street

Vine and Fig Tree Bistro – 19 East Sate Street (2-5PM)
For more info please call me 215-249-3625 or visit the artist group on Facebook

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