Push Pull Print III – Kim Nieves-Sosa

Kim is definitely a reason for enjoying this whole process of pushing yourself as an artist and the concept underlying our show. I’ve known Kim as a photographer and recently found out she is a sculptor and artist. I assumed she would do a photo for her project, but just “what?” And that became the seed that wanted to grow…..

Talking with Kim over the course of the project I want to say her mind did not rest on one topic or subject. The sky was the limit. She would start an idea, run it by me, I would have input and thoughts and she came back with more and then I gave more only to be met with more and more from Kim. How far could the two of us actually push?

With time racing faster than we could create and conceptualize we needed to pick a course of direction. Ironically it went back to one of Kim’s original ideas of doing an iconic symbol of the show’s hosting town – Doylestown, PA. Her print is a culmination of past times being introduced to modern day. Her piece creates so many layers of depth not immediately apparent at a quick glance. She chose to do “The County Theater”. We begin the process of a photograph of The County lit up at night. We then “introduce” or perhaps bring back to life an era gone by with the use of an ageless form of art – screenprint. She printed on a sheet of glass a man dressed in ’50′s (or ’60′s, forgive me Kim if I get this wrong…) clothing and a car from the same era. Now paint a little mystical magic on the backside of the glass, put that in front of The County photograph, frame it out in a black shadow box with soft neons inside it……pretty spectacular piece.


is coming to Doylestown, PA

October 13, 2012 From 1-5PM

Estetiks – 5 S. Main Street

The House of Coffee – 22 North Main Street

Vine and Fig Tree Bistro – 19 East Sate Street (2-5PM)
For more info please call me 215-249-3625 or visit the artist group on Facebook

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