Push Pull Print III – Kait Ryan


Since I was young girl I’ve spent my summers on the bay in Villas, New jersey. I have always been intrigued by horseshoe crabs. I remember picking them up and throwing them back into the water. I decided to make my own pattern on fabric to bring the beauty of the bay into interior design and fashion. The transition from computer design to silk-screening a repetitive pattern was a learning experience that was challenging yet worth while.

With the show just days away I have gotten the opportunity to view Kait’s work. This is her second show with the Push Pull Print group and as a user of Illustrator I enjoy seeing what others create in this program. Kait has illustrated, believe it or not, a beautiful stink bug (for the first PPP event) and now a horseshoe crab for the second. With a great eye for detail and the ability to reduce an organism to lines followed by unique substrate choices she brings something to Push Pull Print that everyone can enjoy.


is coming to Doylestown, PA

October 13, 2012 From 1-5PM

Estetiks – 5 S. Main Street

The House of Coffee – 22 North Main Street

Vine and Fig Tree Bistro – 19 East Sate Street (2-5PM)
For more info please call me 215-249-3625 or visit the artist group on Facebook

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