Push. Pull. Print. – Christopher Emsley

Chris Emsley Screen PrintingThe challenge for a lot of us is to think outside of the box. How do I interpret myself in a medium I am unfamiliar with? For example: I’ve worked with oils or watercolors or digital media for so long I can anticipate my results. If along the way I want to change something that I am doing I know the steps, the process so to speak I must take to make the changes I desire. If by chance they don’t play out the way I’ve anticipated it is another obstacle learned. Easily to be hurdled on the next project I build. Or a hurdle that is expected the next go ’round. That being said I am so fortunate to have a group of desiring artists to completely expose their vulnerabilites into the push. pull. print.  screen printing project.  The minds’ will to anticipate and feel comfortable with our own expectations might inhibit us from switching mediums. This is a challenge all the participating artists will face.

Our artist today is Christopher (Chris) Emsley. Getting to know Chris a little through the process I’m not sure how much the above paragraph holds true for him. To some degree I would say, but also factor in life. The times in all our lives we hit a few road bumps or maybe even more than a few…… Now let’s introduce a third challenging obstacle. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – a common disorder of the wrist and hand characterized by pain, tingling, and muscular weakness. Because of Chris’ physically demanding day job he has a difficult time grasping a pencil or brush for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

When I invited Chris to add a piece to our show I did not know any of the above, but he said he would do it. Seeing his work and quite a few admirers of his watercolors on FaceBook I was curious to see what he would come up with.  The piece he developed, to me, is both simple and powerful. Knowing some of Chris’  history and the meaning behind his piece I am very excited to finish printing it and seeing it in this years’ show.

When I started this blog I was going to post the images we screenprint together. I’ve since decided to “tease” you a little with just the artists printing their pieces. If you look hard enough you can likely see what it is they are up to. My decision to hold back the finished print is not really mine to make. These are not my prints to show the world. They are the works of artists who have spent the time and who have exposed their vulnerabilities to share with you. I invite you to the show to speak with them and get to see who they really are.

June 3rd -June 17th

The Gallery at Graphic Imaging

6310 Easton Road

Plumsteadville, PA


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