Walking through the process of a screenprinted poster (part 1)

How does screen printing work? How do you do it? I don’t understand how the image gets on the “screen” and then gets to the t-shirt or paper. Personally, I am more intrigued with the artist process and calculations that go into the print long before the image even hits the screen or a paper is kissed with ink. So I thought I would give you a complete walk through of what goes into the process and creation of a screen print.

This is a poster I just wrapped up this morning. The details:

-18″ x 24″ tall
-Limited edition of 75
-6 colors
-140lb stock paper

Now onto the pork and beans. What went through my mind  in the beginning? It starts with the concept. The idea. We’re going to make a poster for an upcoming music show. The bands are kinda full of energy and hard and not for everyone. NICE! My initial sketch (below) depicts (use your imagination-that’s how it begins) the 3 bands’ front-men in a moment of energetic explosion.

When we zoom in on my notes those 3 squiggly circles up top are the singers from the 3 different bands. To the left is a characterization I would need to draw depicting a spray paint can spray painting the stenciled singers. He would also have paint dripping down the wall in a big blob in which each participating bands name would be showing through (if the paper is white the name would be white showing through the paint drips). I liked the idea of using a gothic-metal type font for the bands. Something of a throwback for this reunion of a show. I will draw that out by hand as well.

Concept done in sketch form. Next phase will be to finalize my idea a little clearer so we can continue the process from concept to screen print. (to be cont’d…)

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