When Blossoms Unfold – Tom Linker

“When Blossoms Unfold” selected artist Tom Linker has this to say about the piece he would create for the landscape art show.

I intend to paint an image of the Delaware canal & path in the springtime. The area will be just south of New Hope on the PA side.  I plan to place some sort of activity on the path; bikers or people strolling, whatever is appropriate and  adds to the picture without distracting from the overall theme.   I want to create a feeling of warmth and relaxation on a beautiful day.

If you have not been following the action, this is a concept show where artists were invited to propose their ideas for a landscape. Push themselves outside of their working norm. The show, which features the artworks of 20 artists,  is just 2 days away on May 11 to be hosted at Countryside Frames and Radhouse Studio.

2 South State Street

Newtown, PA


Join us from 7-11PM for the public opening.

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