When blossoms Unfold – Oz Freedgood

The upcoming “When Blossoms Unfold” Landscape art show this May 11, 2012 has asked artists to PUSH their boundaries. It isn’t so much what you have now, but what will you do to push yourself as an artist? We want you to create something entirely new for this show. Push your limits and try something that has burning at you for some time or just go outside your comfort zone and create something entirely new. So when we asked Oz Freedgood his intentions and how he would make this happen he has this to say:

I like to paint buildings. I’d like to do a series of paintings of the streets of Newtown similar to the painting (above). The beautifully restored Victorians along with the bustling main streets are rich with my favorite subject matter. There is even a great red barn that has wonderful possibilities, that is within city limits.

Oz set himself up perfectly for our challenge. He’s told us he likes to paint buildings and has given us a sample of such. He’d like to do a series based on the streets of Newtown. The rules state it must be a landscape and so we’ve invited Oz to step outside his comfort zone of painting buildings and create such a piece.

Looking forward to seeing what he has chosen to do:

Free opening, open to the public

May 11 7-11PM

Countryside Frames and Radhouse Studio

2 South State Street

Newtown, PA


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