When Blossoms Unfold – Michael Buszko

This is a sample of Michael Buszko’s current work. A detailed watercolor. I’m looking forward to seeing what Michael produces for the upcoming “When Blossoms Unfold” landscape art show for a few reasons, but for one in particular. About 10 or so years ago I had gone back to college to train to become a medical illustrator. To sum up my experience it was a modern form of torture for a creative mind. If I can see it I have no trouble rendering it in 2D. But what I really learned deep down was that this was as miserable as it was rewarding. The rewards came in the form of faculty and student acknowledgement of skill and talent. Acceptance into art shows. For me personally it was a task to complete drawings and such. There was no fun in it. I would eventually wander off and begin to explore oil painting while leaving the arduous task of reproduction to others who enjoy that type of work.

When Michael was asked how he plans to “push” his boundaries as an artist he has this to say:

…my work has mostly been of highly rendered objects that are usually still-life or florals. I’m happy with my current body of work, but now that I have a better understanding of the medium, I’m looking to push past my comfort zone.

For the show, I would like to create a landscape that is more gestural and loose in some of it’s elements, but yet contains a balance of the realism, contrast, and color that I enjoy in my current work. I plan to push my creative boundary by letting the unpredictable nature of watercolor just happen and loosen up.

I’m not insinuating that Michael does not enjoy what it is he does and he certainly is good at it. For me personally I like to see the transformation from painting what it is I see to what it is I feel. I’m looking forward to seeing this in Michael’s upcoming piece as well.

Please join us for our opening reception May 11, 2012
Countryside Frames and Radhouse Studio
2 South State Street
Newtown, PA
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