When Blossoms Unfold – Murrie Gayman

A small sample of Murrie Gayman’s existing work (to the left).

The upcoming “When Blossoms Unfold” landscape art show  has asked artists to push their boundaries as artists and create an entirely new work of art for this unique art show. 20 artists have been selected to participate in the event and all with the same challenge. Making it a little more difficult is the time constraint on the project. Artists had a little over 2 months to create their art! When Murrie applied to the show this was her challenge to herself:

“I shall attempt to capture that Magical Moment in May when the earth is ready to burst forth with the promise of a new Spring.  The sun has finally succeeded in encouraging the first green shoots to show their timid helmets.  Hints of color are everywhere, and the signs of rebirth enfuse every heart with joy”.

I hope you join us on May 11, 2012 for the opening from 7-11PM at Countryside Frames and Radhouse Studio.

2 South State Street

Newtown, PA


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