When Blossoms Unfold – Ryan Jackson

This is a sample from a photograph of Ryan’s existing work.

A little insight into the mind of Ryan Jackson and his intentions for the upcoming landscape art show:

As an artist I am constantly changing and reinventing the way that I work, and enjoy the confines of different contests and juried shows in order to explore new directions and find new creative possibilities. I have moved from photo-realism to pure abstraction, from painting to sculpture to video, and have explored many different themes and subjects in my work. Recently I have been working on a series of paintings that look for new and creative ways to deconstruct images that have been culled from various sources. In the work, I have painted in a faux-naive manner and have tried to incorporate the use of the raw linen into the pieces.

For the upcoming exhibit, having not painted many landscapes, I propose working on a series of photorealistic to semi-photorealistic paintings that  take the landscape to task, as a theme to explore while utilizing some of these deconstructive principles. In other words how can I manipulate the image, whether through blurring, cropping, repositioning, or simply through manipulation of the colors, in order to maintain likeness of the original image, while creating something completely new and unique in and of itself. Of that series, one piece will be chosen as the representative of the body of work, for the gallery exhibit.

Be sure to visit Ryan and the other 20 artists coming May 11 from 7-11PM at Countryside Frames and Radhouse Studio
2 South State Street
Newtown, PA
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