When Blossoms Unfold – Lynette Shelley

I was fortunate to see another sneak peak at another one of the artists for the “When Blossoms Unfold” landscape art show coming up on May 11. Lynette Shelley is a Pennsylvania artist specializing in contemporary mixed media paintings and illustrations. Her artwork has been displayed nationally as well as at various regional Philadelphia-area venues. When asked how she plans to “push” herself as an artist for the upcoming show she has this to say:

I mostly create work featuring animals and mythology as the main theme. I have not done landscapes before, so this will be a challenge for me to create something with just pure landscape as the theme…..I would like to explore a forest scene, probably set in Autumn, using lots of different textures and medias to show the different colors of the tree leaves as well as the texture of the tree bark.

Stop by May 11, 2012 to see (in its entirety) what Lynette has created for our landscape art show

7-11 PM

Countryside Frames and Radhouse Studio

2 South State Street

Newtown, PA


To see more of Lynette’s Artwork stop by her website: http://www.lynnetteshelley.com/index.html

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