Push Pull Print – Kait Ryan

I’ve been a tad bit busy getting things organized for the upcoming Push Pull Print show and would like to introduce Kait Ryan via our guest blogger Lauren.

~~~~Stink bugs. Everywhere. All season. Yuck, I really hate them. While painting the other day, I removed the switch plate cover only to find a fried, dead corpse of a stink bug. How did it even get back there? How did they get here- all the way from China without any predators? Why do they need to be attracted to the light in MY HOUSE!

Then, I saw Kait’s artwork waiting to be printed for Push. Pull. Print. My first reaction was “hmmmmmmmmm”. I said to Chris “Wow, she made something really beautiful out of something so completely annoying.” I liked that- looking at stink bugs in a different way. Considering them art. I never thought I would say this, about a stink bug, but she made them beautiful.

Thank you, Kait, for reminding me to look at things in a different way. For reminding me to not be annoyed by the little things. For reminding me to find beauty when I think there is none. Please come check out Kait Ryan’s artwork at Push. Pull. Print on December 2 at Countryside and Radhouse Gallery in Newtown. You too may look at stink bugs in a whole new way (for a little while at the least).

Countryside and Radhouse Gallery is located on the corners of Washington and State Streets in Newtown, PA

Opening reception is 7:00 PM on December 2, 2011


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2 Responses to Push Pull Print – Kait Ryan

  1. Michele Rapino says:

    I thought the same thing when I saw Kait’s stink bug on the back of the white jacket! She turned something that everyone hates into something beautiful! That is true artistic talent! Looking forward to the show on 12/2.

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