Push Pull Print – Gordon Torp

Returning Guest blogger, Lauren,  on returning Push Pull Print participant “Gordon Torp”

98% of the time I’m a friendly, “glad to see you” kind of a person. Once in a while (apparently 2% of the time), I’m not. It could happen for many reasons and when it does it is best to just leave me alone. Chris, still unable to predict these radical changes, has the uncanny ability to “get in the way” on such a day. So when he says I have a client coming at 8 AM Saturday morning to work until 6PM in the middle of this “mood” I disgustingly wish I could literally shot daggers from my eyes (I wouldn’t aim to kill-just a little poke here or there). The only exception to this scenario is when the client is Gordon Torp.
Gordon is the best for so many reasons. If he has a “mood”, even 2% of the time, you’d never know it. He’s an intelligent, talented artist with a lot of great stories and a love for many things. Muffins (blueberry), for example, are something he loves and the way he talks about them makes you love blueberry muffins too. Gordon also has a love for complicated silkscreen pieces that contain many colors (7 in the Push. Pull. Print. piece, I believe). His face lights up when he talks about them. He doesn’t have to talk me into loving his art (or muffins for that matter), because I just do. There is something about it. I LOVE IT! You might think it’s only because I like him that I like his art, but you’d be wrong. I’m not that nice (on any given day).
Come see Gordon at the Push. Pull. Print. show on December 2 at Countryside Gallery and Radhouse Studios in Newtown, PA.

On the corner of State And Washington Streets. Show starts at 7PM.

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