Push Pull Print – Linda Guenste

I’m going to jump out of order with the printing and artists because the “Galactically Famous” Linda Guenste brings up an excellent question.

What do you expect from me? What do you want me to do? Not to be interpreted “Am I to just print this and yield this as my result?”, but from an idea, execution and interpretation point of view.

Where does the idea begin and where does it end? Is my idea ultimately only a print? Yes and well…no.¬† Surely when we look at anything creative – deep within or even just beneath the surface our mind is creating responses to visual stimulation. Beit “good” beit “bad”, nice or horrible. How does this really feel and what does it suggest to me, the viewer? A good example of this exchange of ideas and thoughts are Linda’s series of oil paintings and studies revolving around the common theme of gas masks. They mean one thing to Linda, but that is her predisposed interpretation. When we begin to introduce others to our work we begin to experience their feelings and thoughts on the subject. This will bring a renewed or altered view to the artist and perhaps it is that verbal interpretation of sharing ideas¬† which we see show up in her next piece of art.

To readdress the question ‘What do you expect from me?’ I’m speculating that Linda is questioning the notion of taking a full color oil painting and “dumbing” it down or simplifying it just for the sake of screenprinting. While I think we both can respect that point of view on the surface I feel she has taken the reigns with the idea of “pushing” your boundaries and done so with success.

Yes, she did take a full color painting and simplify it to a one color print. In doing so she created a piece that speaks more to us about the topic and subject than the original. I’d like you to see the print in person so without giving the piece away (in my mind) it’s a circus of sorts. An inference to the contaminated conurbation of the subject and the narrow range of depth and self identity which also leads the viewer on an amusement “spider” ride that ultimately is -well it all becomes the same.

Take a moment and really observe Linda’s piece. It’s soft, it’s subtle and it pushes the mind for interpretation beyond that of a quick glance. And offer your thoughts as it may just show up in her next piece of art. Thank you Linda!

Be sure to visit Linda’s website at lindaguenste.com and check out her art at the Push Pull Print show on December 2, 2011

Countryside Framing and Radhouse Studio

2 S. State Street Newtown, PA


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