Push Pull Print – Angel Harder and Ryan Keller

Angel Harder and Ryan Keller. What do these two artists have in common?

One of Angel’s prints is based on the idea of creating a one dimensional piece and then deconstructing it to make a 3 dimensional piece. If anything could go wrong with the print it was an added bonus for Angel. She was actually excited about the imperfections in the screenprinting process. The hands on manipulation of screenprinting and the possibility that one image does not have to look exactly like the next is fantastic.

Ryan brought to the table the idea of screenprinting onto plexiglas a drawing he had illustrated. He would later build his piece by adding paint to his screenprint then add a painting behind the plexiglas to give a blurred illusion to the reality that is printed. While still a junior in high school Ryan was diagnosed with a heart and blood clotting condition earlier this year. Doctors and medical specialists are still trying to figure out exactly what is going on. I felt this was a powerful representation to the workings and wirings inside of Ryan’s body. What appears on the surface may not be so clear beneath.

Oh yeah, I had posed the question what do these two artists have in common? Of course we have the screenprint to tie them together, but also as we look around the gallery on Friday night what if we also ask ourselves – What do any of these artists have in common? On some level there is passion. Another is uncertainty. Uncertain as to where and/or how their piece will represent them. With that being said, I believe bravery – to explore the creative and represent it before hundreds of people who may not agree with their art. Angel and Ryan share another unique, somewhat abstract, connection. While Angel prints with the thought of deconstructing her prints, Ryan is thinking forward about adding and building to his prints. Now that I have had the pleasure of seeing both completed artworks I can better see the similarity in the two. Angel has reconstructed what once seemed so obvious into something that forces us to pause and think. Ryan too has completed something that once seemed so obvious, but is now in question to the underlyings beneath the plexiglas of his piece. Kind of like Ryan’s heart. An offering for an alternative view of what we thought we knew.

Join the artists Friday December 2, 2011

Countryside Gallery and Radhouse Studios

2 South State Street

Newtown, PA


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2 Responses to Push Pull Print – Angel Harder and Ryan Keller

  1. Looking forward to seeing the show. Please let me know what are the hours on Saturday.
    Please advise.

    Thank you, Esther

    • Hi Esther,

      Saturday might be a smart time to visit. We are expecting quite a crowd tonight. We might hold the show open later on Saturday, but normal business hours are Monday-Saturday 10-5.

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