Push Pull Print – Sylwia Wiernek

There may be some of you who know little to nothing about screenprinting and the idea of visualizing it’s process is just not doable.  A short explanation of the process -To sum it up – it is basically a woven mesh polyester that is supported by a frame. The mesh holds a stencil which ink is squeegeed across. Where the stencil is open the ink passes through the little holes in the woven mesh and your design is “screenprinted” onto a substrate. This can be paper, glass, metal, wood, vinyl and just about any smooth, flat surface. For each color you print in a design you need an entirely new screen. Screen printing for me is all about this process. It’s a process that I think out from the conception. I get an idea and immediately in my mind I’m pulling separations so that I can make the multiple screens necessary for my imagined print. I’m mapping out the process of how to get from here to there.

Sylwia (pronounced Sylvia) on the other hand was saying this is spontaneous and the thinking process is just beginning for her after the print. I am enamored by this. The element of surprise will lead her in the direction to finishing the printed piece. Will I paint on it, around it, behind it? How will it be presented? This is where she is at….I never looked at it like that before. I think this is so fascinating to me because it is such a process to produce a screenprint. With the process I personally need to know ahead of time if I should invest the time into a project to yield an expected result. What if we miss something along the way while we envision? An element only tangible in print? What if we picture something that really doesn’t truly represent the finished piece and this prevents us from even starting? I recognize the procedure is important, but is leading me to perhaps allow for some unknown along the way. Who knows what we will find?

Visit Sylwia at Push Pull Print

December 2, 2011

Countryside Gallery and Radhouse Studio

2 South State Street

Newtown, PA


Opening begins at 7 PM

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