Push Pull Print II – Christopher Kline

Christopher Kline ScreenprintingThe printing has started and the excitement is alive! I’m looking forward to printing with the returning artists, as well as, a number of new artists this time around. The BIG show is:

December 2nd

Counrtyside Gallery and Radhouse Studio

Newtown, PA.

7PM is the opening.

I wanted to kick off the blogs this time around with a question by one of our returning artists. Linda Guenste (www.lindaguenste.com) asked me what I wanted from her? What was she supposed to be doing? What were my expectations from her? The purpose of the show so to speak. Not so much in those words, but that was sorta the idea. What do I expect the artists to do and why?

The founding idea behind the Push Pull Print show is for artists to challenge themselves. Step outside of comfortable boundaries. “PUSH” the limits, their limits and mine. It comes as a small token of reward when we accomplish feats we thought unachievable. So wouldn’t it be great to witness 25 artists attempting to push their artistic limits? What can we expect from such a show?
A vast exchange of new ideas.
A renewed or new energy.
The will to create and share.

This lists a few goals of the Push Pull Print art shows. If you had the chance to be at the opening of the first event I think you would agree that the positive energy in that place was amazing! We have a great group of enthused artists again this time around and I’m looking forward to another great art show!

If you would like to be added to the email newsletter shoot me an email at: chris@christopherkline.net

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3 Responses to Push Pull Print II – Christopher Kline

  1. I met you at your booth at New Hope Arts and Crafts Exhibit and put my name on the list of artists that would be interested in participating in your future art shows.
    I like the name of your site, “Push, Pull, Print”, and what you are expecting from the artists that participate in the coming up show in December.
    Last week I created blog of my artwork/photography and more..
    The blog’s posts are zeroed mainly on my artwork, photography and my love of writing. I decided to channel all three of my loves into one beautiful site. I take pleasure in writing and submitting my artwork. Some of the paintings are work in progress and others are old or semi old. I would so very much appreciate it if you would subscribe to my blog and enjoy what I have created.
    Thank you
    My blog can be found in esthersternberg.blogpost.com
    My art website is esthersternbergart.com

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