Christopher Kline – oil painting in the works

Original Nude oil PaintingWasn’t sure if this was questionable nudity for the weekly FB post so I’m putting it here. A quick synopsis of what is going on…..I received an email to enter this year’s Naked In New Hope show several weeks back. I didn’t have any nude paintings so my work was cut out for me. I had just wrapped up 2 previous shows. One of which was entirely screen printed and the other was oil paintings. The first thing I needed to do was build the canvases and find a model. Unable to open my wallet because I didn’t want to let the moths out I guess it would be better phrased I was in the market for a volunteer who would be openly willing to take their clothes off for me……

Uh-yeah-that didn’t work out so well and I was running out of time. My wife suggested I just go online and find some naked people. Are you serious? People actually take their clothes off and go online? And it gets delivered to me visually through my own computer monitor?

After a bit of arduous “research” I found some images.  It took me a lot longer to make the canvases and get them primed than I had hoped. The deadline for the Naked in New Hope show flew out the window and I am just getting started.  Better to not be rushed. I’ll catch it next year.


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