Oil Painting in Progress – Untitled

Melissa, who saw this painting in progress over at www.facebook.com/christopher.kline.art asks:
“So chris, tell me abt [about] this beautiful piece of artwork???”
I started oil painting in the Fall of 2007 and up until that time I had made a career out of creating other people’s visions. Whether it was t-shirt designs, websites, corporate and company logos, mascots for school, etc. It was always my clients’ inspiration with my ability to present the visual for their aspirations and dreams. My first stab at the oil painting and I thought this could be another source of revenue for me. I could now paint what other people want and make money at it. Then I thought for a minute or two or maybe a week, but probably more like a few months….What if I painted how I feel? I have a sustainable business in place where yes a little extra money can always help, but did I NEED to? I decided what I NEED to do was to get in touch with my aspirations and ideas. This is what would help me learn and grow as an individual. I can then apply my new discoveries back to the business or other people if need be.

With the above in mind I was always attracted to graffiti as a kid. In my minds eye there is a beauty to it. Part of the beauty comes from the process and the how(?). How did they get all the way up there and then spray paint that?

The other half of the equation is there are no rules. You don’t have to put it on a traditional stretched canvas. You put your mark wherever you see fit. You force a feeling from people who otherwise would not see your work. Even if they had the opportunity to see it, this comes at an unsuspecting point in your day and relays the true emotion behind the piece. When viewing art in a gallery have you been preparing yourself for what you are about to see? Do you judge based on the reactions of others? Why is everyone looking at that piece and not this one?

This particular painting depicts one figure that is a spray paint can. The other is a tattoo gun. Not long after high school I decided the world needed another tattoo artist. I was the man for the job. Same as graffiti, I also have a soft spot for tattoos. I know there are strong opinions about this topic and won’t go into my views, but likely it also plays with the viewers emotions much the same way as graffiti. Both are beautiful in their own and both are also perhaps bordering taboo.

Now to the painting….In this idea for a painting I wanted to bring together two alluring and romantic forms of art. Spray can and tattoo (gun). The foreground figures represent this. To do this successfully I needed them to be engaged with one another. Dancing if you will. The dip when we tango.

I’ve cast a shadow in the background of two human forms in this dance move to allude that is what the figures in the front are doing. BUT are they really a spray can and a tattoo gun? Are they just two people with similar passions who come across as the spray can and tattoo gun? Are they dancing on the provocative edge and really just turning on our emotions with the excitement that is borderline taboo?

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