Push. Pull. Print. – Gordon Torp

Business had “fallen” on hard times with the rest of the economy. I did little to try to keep it alive. Honestly I was burned out and needed a break. Unfortunately it wasn’t screen printing and art I needed a break from. It was another obsession that the candles just weren’t bright enough for me to see. So I would continue to stay awake all hours of the night peering into the meaningless blips. All the while allowing my cognitive reasoning to convince me I would get into art when the patterns were solved. And by choosing so I had little choice but to accept a freelance job offer at Graphic Imaging. And it was here I would start to live again. It was here I met Gordon Torp.

I would go in around 6 or 7 at night and stay 4 or 5 hours until the work got done. A good year went by and this was the routine. It was routine. Then one evening I went in and there was all this screen printed art hanging on the walls where there was previously no art. Or was it screenprinted art? I really couldn’t tell. And no one was in to ask them. Who brought in all this screenprinted art and didn’t have the nerve to tell me?!?! I needed answers to this question. No one $#@^!*$ told me?! It took a while to recognize, but my passion had resurfaced. Previously suppressed in the face of hope. When you least expect it and really don’t even know what to do with it it shows back up.

It was Gordon Torp. It was his art. It was all digital prints that to me would lend themselves perfectly to a nice little process known as screenprinting. Boy was I excited to meet this guy!

We met not long after my first introduction to his artwork and I actually ended up printing t-shirts for his show opening. Sometime in the next few months I started toying with the idea of taking a group of artists and converting their art into screenprints. A project most of you are probably familiar with by now titled: Push. Pull. Print. Gordon was definitely one of the first people on my list to contact and I was thrilled to print with him a few weeks back. I’ve been at this for over 20 years (screenprinting). In that time I have printed well over 100,000 shirts. I patented a piece of screenprinting equipment back in 2002. I’m up to my neck in this stuff. And when Gordon left (to steal Anthony Ortiz’s line) I was “about to swallow my ears!” I can’t put my finger on it, but in due time it will come to me. It didn’t dawn on me until just recently that I was meant to go work for Graphic Imaging. I was meant to find the art of Gordon Torp. It would remind me of what is truly valuable. A smile and the feeling a smile brings. And for the few of you who know-the smile the candles in the darkness cannot bring- In the mean time I am pleased and it brings a smile to my face just looking at his prints. Thank you Gordon!

I hope that you will be able to attend this years Push. Pull. Print. event and find a smile of your own.

Event opening June 3 -7-10PM
Special Hours: June 4-5 – Noon-5PM
The Gallery at Graphic Imaging
6310 Easton Road
Plumsteadville, PA

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6 Responses to Push. Pull. Print. – Gordon Torp

  1. Nancy says:

    It is my belief that everything happens for a reason. We may take a while to discover the reason or we may never know the reason but there is a reason…

  2. Gordon Torp says:

    I agree things do happen for a reason, chance meetings between people especially. First meeting Kathy Keller of Graphic Energizes who provided the output for my 2010 print work and the two gallery exhibitions of the work that same year. Then meeting Chris after he saw my work at Kathy’s gallery. I’m thrilled to hear how it spurred such inspiration for him (Thank you for that sincere compliment bro). I’m so charged to be part of the “Push Pull” Show, it’s going to be great. Come one, come all! Cheers!

  3. Jeffrey V Stong says:

    Your work is amazing Gordon! You truly are talented as well as an inspiration. Good luck to you my friend.

  4. Chris Neppes says:

    I am proud to have two Torp originals hanging in our house. So few people get it — Gordon gets it and then lives it. Follow the breath of inspiration, folks. Life can be very paralos.

  5. Ian Torp says:

    My father was the artist that I first drew my inspiration from. I cannot imagine another individual who has shaped my own work/creative process as much as he has. His visual concepts have transcended many mediums. I have seen his passion not only for the physical product in its completion, but an extreme enthusiasm for the diverse processes of the many mediums he has used to express with. The creative energy is flowing!

    Cannot wait for the show!

  6. Rich Higgins says:

    I first met Gordon when he lived in a small hamlet called Austerlitz in upstate New York, just a few years ago (LOL), before art really entered the “digital age”. I loved his work then and still do. I even commisioned Gordon to do a piece for my brother. Gordon is always experimenting and learning new techniques and media.

    Best wishes Gordy, I’m sure the show will be a hit!!

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